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Horse Stall Flooring

"Our mission is to offer a seamless, permanent, non-porous rubber surface,
that is superior, sanitizable, safe, and most importantly, affordable."

Rubber Flooring Helps Prevent Horses from Slipping and Falling

In an equine and cervine environment, installing the right type of flooring is extremely important in ensuring the health and safety of horses.  While horses are tough and sturdy animals, they need proper traction when they stand up and walk around.  Otherwise, they could lose their grip and slip and fall in the process. To prevent this from occurring many equine facilities are using a rubber flooring solution.

Rubber flooring from Equi-Turf is a virtually indestructible inter-locking set of rubber pavers and beveled-tiles that provide a seamless floor that is easily installed in any environment such as horse stalls, trailers and veterinary clinics. Plus, its unique design give horses the cushion and traction they need for a safe environment. It is bacteria free and easy to sanitize. Maintaining clean floors couldn’t be simpler. 

Use Equi-Turf rubber flooring on exterior pathways, barn aisles, wash areas and anywhere you want to minimize the risk of falling or slipping.  Contact us and get the best rubber flooring solution for equine facilities today.