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Equi-Turf - Permanent Seamless Rubber Surfaces

"Our mission is to offer a seamless, permanent, non-porous rubber surface, that is superior, sanitizable, safe, and most importantly, affordable."

Equi-Turf™, Inc

In 1995, Equi-Turf™ evolved from Unique Surfacing, LLC, devoted to playground surfaces across the United States. Family-owned, this business still provides playground surfacing with the primary focus being the Equi-Turf™ surface.

Primarily created for the equine and veterinary setting, this versatile and most unique surface can beused in any application. The cushion layer is a unique combination of pure recycled, industrial rubberand a high-strength polyurethane binder.

The second layer is a specially formulated 2 component top coat made of polyurea. This makes the surface non-permeable therefore resistant to all contaminants and bacteria including urine/ammonia.

The Equi-Turf™ surface has been proven to increase circulation and be more beneficial on the body's joints. It provides an extremely comfortable, cushioned surface for elderly, injured, or recovering animals.

"My exclusive Equi-Turf™ product has been installed in hundreds of equine and veterinary facilities across the United States. Equi-Turf™ is extremely durable in that our customers from some 18 years ago still have the original surface."

President & CEO, Tim Fisher, is present on every project to ensure precision and perfection.

"It is my policy to treat each and every project as an individual work of art."

Timothy L. Fisher, President & CEO