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Equi-Turf - Permanent Seamless Rubber Surfaces

"Our mission is to offer a seamless, permanent, non-porous rubber surface, that is superior, sanitizable, safe, and most importantly, affordable."

What Is Equi-Turf™?

  • A “poured-in-place”, non-porous, permanent, rubber surface, custom-installed to your specific location and application providing a seamless surface.
  • Comprised of a bottom layer, or cushion layer, this is a unique combination of pure rubber (recycled industrial rubber) and a high-strength, polyurethane binder. The top layer or wearing layer is a specially formulated 2-component Polyurea surface.

Equi-Turf™ is truly unique because it is comprised of a special formulated POLYUREA, NOT polyurethane. Our surface is completely sanitizable promoting an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal surface. It is totally resistant to highly toxic and acidic fluids, including urine. Also, an anti-microbial agent can be added for increased protection.

Polyurea is resistant to urine/ammonia and both antifungal and antibacterial. It will not breakdown over time whereas polyurethane will break down. "I am aware of this because my original product started out as a polyurethane product and did not withstand highly acidic fluids therefore I went back to the drawing board and developed the specially formulated Equi-Turf™ polyurea surface."

Polyurea also has an elongation property many times its normal state. “What does this mean?” This means Equi-Turf™ specially formulated polyurea has the elasticity to accommodate the pounds per square inch of a horse hoof.

Custom-tailored so that it can be installed at any depth starting from 3/8” depending on your specific need.

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