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Equi-Turf - Permanent Seamless Rubber Surfaces

"Our mission is to offer a seamless, permanent, non-porous rubber surface, that is superior, sanitizable, safe, and most importantly, affordable."

Equi-Turf™: An Incredible Alternative to Rubber Horse Stall Mats and Traditional Stable Flooring

The Equi-Turf rubber flooring system is a revolutionary product that will end your struggle with unsanitary, smelly horse barn and stable conditions. With Equi-Turf's antibacterial cushioned surfacing, your days of replacing rubber stall mats and tearing up stable walls and floors for regular replacements are over.

Equi-Turf is a durable, long-lasting rubber flooring system, with antibacterial and therapeutic properties: one investment in the cushioned rubber flooring will last a lifetime, benefitting both you and your animals for years to come.

Why is Equi-Turf the Best Choice for My Stable Flooring?

Whether you're a stable owner, horse dealer, or riding enthusiast, your animals present an investment in both time and money. Simply put, you want what's best for your horse, and since your animal may spend long hours confined within a stall, that means investing in a product that provides a sanitary, comfortable, seamless floor for your horse, and an economical and long-lasting solution for you.

What is Equi-Turf Made of?

Equi-Turf is a LEED-certified poured rubber flooring made with a polyurea top coat that provides a non-permeable, bacteria-resistant surface, and a second layer of pure recycled, industrial rubber with a polyurethane binder.