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Choosing the Best Horse Arena Flooring

An ideal foundation for horse arena flooring is one that ensures the safety of your horse's legs while helping to promote its performance. A rough surface can easily cause muscle injuries. Whether you own a horse arena, or you are planning to build one, there are a variety of footing options to consider.


There are different types of sand used in horse arena flooring, but its irregular surfaces if not mixed well can result in unstable footing and traction for the horse. Although it is relatively inexpensive, sand footing can get quite dusty in the arena and it also requires periodic replenishing and more maintenance than other types of horse arena flooring.

Stone Dust

Stone dust, otherwise known as limestone screenings is another footing option used in horse arenas. It is used in place of sand or to replenish the flooring surface. But, the stone dust often becomes as hard as concrete which is not an ideal horse arena flooring environment. Also, it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter and is extremely slippery when wet.


A rubber footing is the best option for horse arena flooring. It is not only inexpensive it acts as a shock absorber providing the cushion and traction horses need to ensure stability and strong legs. Plus, it provides ample drainage and is easy to maintain. Our horse arena flooring provides a dust-free riding environment and is made from recycled tires that are clean and never used. Its small granular size pellets make it easy to spread around the surface, never needs replenishing and will not freeze. It is guaranteed to be free of any foreign objects.

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