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"Our mission is to offer a seamless, permanent, non-porous rubber surface, that is superior, sanitizable, safe, and most importantly, affordable."

Equi-Turf is a versatile rubber flooring application that is specially formulated for use in equine, cervine facilities, horse stables, stalls and barns, bovine and veterinary facilities-and a preferred method of rubber surfacing for playgrounds, gymnasiums, daycares, and county parks.

The Equi-Turf rubber-surfacing process yields a polyuria-flooring system that lasts a lifetime. A one-time investment in Equi-Turf rubber flooring will save you from decades of expensive renovations, cleanings and repairs to your facility.

An Ideal Equine Flooring Solution

The nonporous, seamless poured rubber flooring patented by Equi-Turf is highly praised for its bacteria free, sanitizable, fluid resistant qualities, as well as its cushioned, slip resistant features.

The expertly installed, permanent rubber flooring solution is a cost-effective, quality choice for:

  • Veterinary & Animal Recovery Flooring
  • Equine & Bovine Facility Flooring
  • Horse Stall Mat Replacements
  • Poured Rubber Barn & Horse Stall Flooring
  • Cushioned Horse Trailer Flooring & Wall Pads

The Equi-Turf Difference

Equi-Turf is a seam-free rubber flooring application that is urine, blood, fluid, and bacteria resistant. The cushioned rubber flooring is specially formulated to increase circulation and alleviate stress to joints-making it an ideal surface for tired, injured or recovering animals of all sizes and species.